Meet Danniela! @Danniela at Hand to Hold is a Family Support Specialist serving our partner hospitals in Austin, TX, in both English and Spanish. At just 25 weeks, Danniela unexpectedly went into preterm labor with her second child, leading to an emergency C-section. Her tiny warrior weighed only 1lb, 15oz, facing numerous challenges including a grade three brain bleed, collapsed lung, and a PDA in his heart. Despite the odds stacked against him, he fought bravely, spending months in the NICU. Life after the NICU was filled with doctor's appointments, meetings with specialists, and extensive therapy through early childhood intervention programs, as Danniela tirelessly worked to ensure her son's well-being. Two years later, Danniela and her husband were blessed with another beautiful baby boy. Due to her previous experience with preterm labor, she was placed on bedrest and received steroid shots to prolong her pregnancy. Her baby arrived at 34 weeks. This time, Danniela spent about 2.5 weeks in the NICU but was able to provide invaluable support to other mothers going through this challenging experience for the first time. Throughout her NICU journey, the support that left the most profound impact on Danniela was the guidance provided by the Family Support Specialist. Armed with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a heart full of empathy, Danniela decided to dedicate herself to supporting families facing similar struggles. Danniela's mission is clear: to be the guiding light she desperately needed during her own NICU journey, offering a reassuring hand to hold for others facing the unknown. 💚Danniela's message to NICU parents resonates deeply: "No matter the duration of your NICU stay, the heart-wrenching separation, the feeling of helplessness, and the overwhelming uncertainty in those initial days unite us all as NICU parents. I've walked in your shoes, felt your fears, and I am here to hold your hand as you navigate your NICU journey. You are not alone." #StaffSpotlight

Posted by Leigh Ann at Hand to Hold at 2023-11-16 15:00:00 UTC