In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, in our latest #podcast episode, we shed some light on life with a DS child with PICU mom, Stephanie Weinert. She shares how she received the diagnosis and how Beckett’s entrance into the world changed her life. 💚 NOTE: In this episode we briefly discuss death, dying and grief. 🎧 Listen below and 📺 watch the conversation on YouTube. In this episode, Kathryn and Stephanie chat about: ❓ What were some of the things you had to re-learn as a mom after Beckett's diagnosis? ❓ Often, we fear what we do not know. What's something you feared that either never came to fruition or was less stressful than you imagined it might be? ❓ What are some ways you honor Beckett's life and how are you managing your grief particularly during anniversaries or the holidays? ❓ What's something you want people to know about Down Syndrome? ❓ What would you tell old Stephanie, knowing what you know now, about having a child with DS?

Posted by Leigh Ann at Hand to Hold at 2023-10-04 16:00:03 UTC