If you've seen the popular Baby 411 book series as an expectant or new parent, you will want to hear this episode! Today we're talking to pediatrician and author, Dr. Ari Brown, co-author of the bestselling book series. 🎧 Listen to this episode wherever you get your podcasts and 📺 watch the conversation on YouTube! In this episode, Kathryn and Dr. Brown chat about: ❓ What are things your pediatrician should be looking at and considering if your child is a NICU graduate? What traits should you consider in your pediatrician to best serve your child? ❓ When should a parent consult a pediatrician and when should they seek counsel from an additional specialist for their child? ❓ What should the relationship look like between a child’s pediatrician and their other specialists? ❓ In an age of digital medicine, i.e. Dr. Google, how do you counsel your parents on when to seek medical care and when to treat things at home? ❓ Describe the ideal pediatrician-patient relationship. ❓ Let’s talk about delayed vaccination schedules for medically fragile children.

Posted by Leigh Ann at Hand to Hold at 2023-09-06 15:15:03 UTC