How can we help? What support do you need? 💚 I like to talk in a group setting - Support groups are perfect for you! 💚 I prefer one-on-one support - Request a peer mentor and you'll be matched with a NICU graduate mentor to check in with over text, phone, email, however you prefer. 💚 I need more help processing my NICU journey - If you're in TX or FL, fill out our counseling request to participate in our free counseling program. 💚 I want to learn more about the NICU and hear other's stories - Listen to the NICU babies, Parent Support podcast in the car, while pumping, at the bedside, whenever! 💚 I experienced a loss - All of the above resources are also available for parents who have experienced a loss. Find all of the above resources in the Get Support section of the menu, or hit the button below. The NICU is hard. We're here to help.

Posted by Leigh Ann at Hand to Hold at 2023-08-13 14:00:02 UTC