NICU baby skin is sensitive and often requires proper wound care, either from a lack of development or other treatments required by the NICU staff. In our latest #podcast episode, Media Esser, a board-certified wound nurse shares common causes of skin damage, suggestions on making wound care easier and tried and true rules of thumb when caring for damaged neonate skin. Listen below or watch the conversation on YouTube! In this episode, Kathryn and Media chat about: What is a wound care specialist? What is it that makes NICU/micro preemie babies’ skin so sensitive? What are some common causes of skin damage in the NICU? What are some questions parents or caregivers should ask to ensure they understand wound care treatment and techniques? What are some rules of thumb you use as a wound care specialist when working with NICU skin? . Pictured, from our NICU Grad Photo Contest: Ashton was born with a heart valve reversal and had two open heart surgeries and an NG tube. He had no tummy time or typical contact while being taken care of in the NICU. He found his parents, who love him unconditionally and say Ashton saves them everyday with his growth.

Posted by Leigh Ann at Hand to Hold at 2023-07-12 16:30:52 UTC