"Does my child need a psychologist? How would I know?" Listen to our latest #podcast episode to find out! Our NICU babies grow up and sometimes find themselves struggling to manage stress, anxiety, depression or navigating a disorder. Dr. Larry Mitnaul, child psychiatrist, shares how a child or adolescent may benefit from some extra assistance navigating those challenges. 🎧 Listen wherever you get your podcasts or 📺 watch the conversation on YouTube. In this episode, Kathryn and Dr. Mitnaul chat about: ❓ What is a child psychiatrist, and how is that different from a child psychologist? ❓ What are some things parents should look for that might need to be addressed by a child or adolescent psychiatrist? ❓ Sometimes there's a stigma when a child is seeing a psychiatrist. What myths do you want to bust on that? ❓ What's your best advice to a parent seeking psychiatry for their child? . . . . #NICU #Parenting #NICUmom #NICUdad #NICUsupport #NICUgrad #NICUgraduate #MentalHealth

Posted by Leigh Ann at Hand to Hold at 2023-06-14 14:00:02 UTC