It's once again #WelcomeWednesday! We're thrilled to welcome more parents each week into this space. The Hand to Hold community is all about connecting you with the support you need at all stages of the NICU journey. πŸ’š Take a moment to say hi and introduce yourself! Say hello to our newest members! @cmartinez1 @gaitan92206 @katrina.ahlhaus @maci.senat @jeffreymoses13 @kimmckinnon2911 @Angie @Monnie @cassie.hale96 @tori_heinrich @chmcduff @Cathy @ashley86 @Kennzie @vfitzgibbon @nabeelda12 @gabrielle @jordanburch34 @priyanka.bhat14 @destinyrivers24 @sekjrsmom @ruchirandpooja @jihhuug7768 @lewisamy2301 @amandasitter @datsatt @yasminstinson @fire0011 @nksinger @eniko.k.rd @kayleycampbell23 @GRACE @bribennett0623 @karynautumn @gabrielle.alonzo2365 @Amber schmitt @pattersonnevaeh053 @srfeldkamp @Jessilynne1992 @smisha.nadeem @neotto2 @angeline437 @rana_sayah @vlcarter

Posted by Leigh Ann at Hand to Hold at 2023-03-29 15:23:14 UTC