New podcast episode! Did you know your baby knows your voice from the beginning? Dr. Jenny Koo, neonatologist and children’s author, shares why reading is important and her latest project, aimed at NICU siblings. In this episode, Kathryn and Dr. Koo talk about: ❓ This is Dr. Koo’s fourth children’s book, but her first about the NICU. What prompted her to write the book? ❓ Where did she find the time to write a book as a doctor and new mom? ❓ How does she use the book to explain the complicated world of the NICU to younger children? ❓ Of all the medical specialities she could’ve chosen, why neonatology? ❓ How has motherhood changed her outlook on parenting and interacting with parents of NICU babies? ❓ How can a parent utilize books in the NICU with his/her baby? Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts, and don't miss the conversation on YouTube!

Posted by Leigh Ann at Hand to Hold at 2023-03-24 14:07:03 UTC