"It's #WelcomeWednesday! Thanks so much for being a part of our community. The Hand to Hold community is all about connecting NICU and bereaved parents with the support they need at all stages of the journey. We're glad you're here! πŸ’š This week we're excited to welcome new members AND identify our TOP CONTRIBUTORS from the previous month. What is a Top Contributor? Top Contributors are community members who are liking, commenting, and creating their own posts here in the Hand to Hold Community group and in private groups. First, our Top Contributors for February are: @ranry @Cassie @sallynoble6 @Celeste Miller @alexisfaucett0318 @ellishellito66 @Kayla Miller-Mendiola @t.d.thompson242! Now let's welcome our newest members! @smfristoe @doragarcia059 @amaguirre.31 @jasminegzmn19 @nellyvickroy @alyssasangster0126 @LuLuW @camiiwhite03 @lybraunecker @silka08 @miriam @Adam @teamoceanstate @jocelyntran07 @rachelle.anaya12 @marinaelmore05 @mrsechols10 @pricelessft07 @Lisa @arahemtulla786 @Ana @Victoria at Hand to Hold @kyleeayres23 @lisalandry126 @kerq2003 @sherefkaram87 @Nolansmommy @brandimedina1996 @sarah @ajedward1

Posted by Leigh Ann at Hand to Hold at 2023-03-01 18:10:48 UTC