June 27th is PTSD Awareness Day. Did you know? Up to 53% of NICU parents experience PTSD after their NICU stay. I'll drop some additional resources in the comments. What are the symptoms? → Avoidance of the stimuli of the trauma – Sometimes it's is the NICU or the hospital. For some it can even mean avoidance of the baby. → Flashbacks – Parents may replay the scene in their head over and over, thinking about what they could have done differently or where things went wrong. They may replay what a doctor said or did or something they may have seen or witnessed. → Hypervigilance – Being attuned or paying extra attention to things. This isn’t uncommon with NICU parents, but some parents who may be experiencing PTSD may do so in an unhealthy manner. → Withdrawal – Some parents react by not showing up as much, an unconscious action, to protect themselves emotionally. It can feel really scary to build a relationship with a baby you may not be sure you’ll leave the hospital with. → Distractibility – The brain is so preoccupied with safety and security, it doesn’t have much space to take in other information. You are not alone! Here's how Hand to Hold can help: 💚 Free counseling for NICU parents (TX & FL) 💚 Support Groups 💚 Peer Mentors 💚 NICU Babies, Parent Support Podcast 💚 App & Online Communities Click GET SUPPORT to learn more.

Posted by Leigh Ann at Hand to Hold at 2024-06-27 14:31:52 UTC