Today is Kangaroo Care Awareness Day, a day to raise awareness for the positive benefits of Kangaroo Care (aka skin-to-skin care) for both the baby and the parent. Did you get to do kangaroo care in the NICU? Kangaroo Care helps parents: πŸ’š bond with and comfort their baby πŸ’š become more confident caregivers πŸ’š become attuned to their baby's cues πŸ’š feel calmer Kangaroo Care helps babies: πŸ’š stabilize organ function and self regulation abilities πŸ’š regulate temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate πŸ’š improve weight gain πŸ’š improve sleep patterns πŸ’š accelerate brain development πŸ’š reduce stress

Posted by Leigh Ann at Hand to Hold at 2024-05-15 17:32:03 UTC