Holidays mean we're a day late for #WelcomeWednesday, but we're thrilled to welcome a bunch of new members! Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments. We're here to welcome and support you, no matter where you are in your NICU journey. If you haven't already, click the + sign at the top to access groups to join: NICU Moms, NICU Dads, NICU Parents, Bereaved Parents. Make sure to check out the menu to find information on navigating your NICU stay, find free support for NICU and bereaved parents, and listen to podcasts! Say hello! @kristinheath @stephannieteresa @Teo’s Mom @Teo’s pop @beck.crutcher @Mitchell Stern @jennybatista @babyjimenez @amwatts28 @Andrea @nicolej @Lia @Diana @hannahwelch512 @dreiman5 @ashleys8909 @michala.carrillo @meagan @eharlan0713 @monique.nila89 @watzlpt @Luisa @mariapyanov @Connor @jahnavi @Kierra @kgarcia1021 @Tessa

Posted by Hand to Hold at 2022-12-29 15:27:21 UTC